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I had a realization yesterday

Thanks to FXX and the Esquire Network, I’m getting to rewatch a lot of random episodes of Parks and Recreation. This week is was post-wedding Season 3, and that’s when it hit me: I have a very strong association between moelskerdeg and Ann Perkins. Like, in my head, moelskerdeg is Ann Perkins.

(Which would make ballerinaduck Leslie Knope, but she’s already Ahiru, so… there’s got to be a crossover, one way or the other.)

Who’s got two thumbs and just passed the road test, finally acquiring a driver’s license after being eligible for one for twenty years?

Also, who has two thumbs and made a couple big errors on said test but still managed to pass?

Also-also, HOW COULD THEY LET ME PASS WITH THOSE MISTAKES? (But thank goodness they did; I don’t think I could have handled another test. I don’t think I’ve been worse behind the wheel than I was for that test.)

I just watched the end of Return of the King on TV. I couldn’t help it; those stupid crying Hobbit faces drove me to tears. Again. Who told them they could do that?



When I first saw this, I had three types of thoughts.
The first was confusion: why is Remus Lupin being shipped with Dorcas, who always wanted to be a June bride (“and have a baby right off”), from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?
The second was facepalmy. Dorcas Meadowes, of course, which makes a whole lot more sense, except….
The third circled back around to confusion: wait, people ship Remus and Dorcas Meadowes? Why? Since when? Why?

Help! I’ve had “Truth” stuck in my head all day!

And by “help,” I mean sing along with me? Or something. It’s quite catchy. :D






i’m so glad to have never invested a single second in this series. what a load of shit

Between my dad and my brother, I’ve had access to the Assassin’s Creed series since practically it started. I even got AC2 with my Xbox Gold account, thinking that maybe I might try to play one day. I had it for a year, never once thought about playing it. But when Assassin’s Creed Liberation — the one AC game where you can play a lady assassin — came out on the 360, I immediately downloaded the demo and gave it a try. I had no idea what I was doing and was really terrible about it, but I’m still considering buying it because ladies.

On the one hand, this development tells me that Ubisoft just doesn’t care; on the other hand, I feel like maybe I should buy Liberation in order to support the one AC installment that I’m interested in playing, and maybe if there are more sales of that, they’ll take the time to develop more female leads.

Ha, who am I kidding? They’re clearly never going to do that on a top-tier release. Sigh.

I did a B5 thing (two, actually).

Over the last couple months, Tarma has been semi-obsessed with various themed versions of 2048. Every few days, it seems, I get a link from her with another version: Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Pushing Daisies, even Gene Wilder. Since I’ve gotten to where I can win the games, I play each one to winning and screencap it.

I decided to get in on the themed 2048 action by making a Babylon 5 one (you can find it here, if you are so inclined). At first I thought I might try and find pictures online to use, but I ended up using my own screencaps. However, in my search, I stumbled on this fantastic Babcom desktop wallpaper by steelgohst. It’s not something I want to use on my desktop — I’ve been using Silviya’s gorgeous Babylon 5 painting for a while — but I thought it was a perfect wallpaper for my phone!

My default phone background is this TARDIS one, and I’ve had my SHIELDs up for months as the lock screen background. Since the TARDIS background is perfect for shortcut readability, that means my lock screen is where I can have fun, and I thought putting the Babcom logo there would be perfect. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, steelgohst’s wallpaper just doesn’t work for my phone, so I made my own (720x1280), using steelgohst’s as a guide.

I’m not gonna lie; it’s making me pretty happy right now. I keep turning my screen on just to see the Babcom logo.

Also? Doing all of this is making me want to have a rewatch. It’s been over a year since the last time I rewatched the show. (I suspect that watching Star Trek with Mark will also make me want to rewatch B5, but that’s another tale.)

I was looking through an oldish notebook in my purse today and came across this gem written by my brother: “It gave me the opportunity to talk Kriss Kross w/my Juniors.” Context? Who needs context?

I was looking through an oldish notebook in my purse today and came across this gem written by my brother: “It gave me the opportunity to talk Kriss Kross w/my Juniors.” Context? Who needs context?



If you haven’t taken the ‘Which Citizen of Night Vale are You?’ test then you’re missing out. 

oh god i got Steve Carlsburg

I’m just going to sit and try to work out what went wrong in my life

I’m only on, like, episode 15 or so, but I took this anyway. I got Carlos, though, so yay me?


i wish there wasn’t a stigma about doing things alone. you can’t go out to eat alone, you can’t see a movie alone, basically anything fun, you’re looked down on for doing alone and it’s so stupid you shouldn’t need other people to validate your decisions

Honestly, the third or fourth reason I’m excited to maybe finally be on my way to getting a driver’s license is so I can go out on my own, particularly to see movies. As an example, my dad and I both want to see the newest Captain America movie, but we’d kind of have to go in the afternoon on the weekends, and that just doesn’t happen, so we still haven’t seen the movie, and I would totally go on my own if I could, but I can’t.

So… yeah, after stuff like jobs and grocery shopping, doing other stuff on my own is definitely looking like a perk of being able to drive.